DIY Tea Bags

DIY tea bags // cashmere and plaid blog
DIY tea bags // cashmere and plaid blog
DIY tea bags // cashmere and plaid blog
DIY tea bags // cashmere and plaid blog
diy tea bags // cashmere and plaid
diy tea bags // cashmere and plaid

You’re probably thinking, “why on earth would I ever want to make such things?  Could I not just use one of those mesh steeper things for my loose leaf tea?”  Well, technically you could.  But, if you’re anything like me, you might not like the little floaty bits of tea that settle to the bottom and swirl around while you drink.  Now before you hike up your judgey-pants and think about how strange I am, I am clearly not the first person to dislike said floaty bits because David’s Tea makes tea bags too.  However, this DIY costs a fraction of the price of one box of their bags.  So, if you are a normal person and don’t see the point in preventing things such as floaty-bit tea, you are excused from reading this post.  For the rest of you fellow picky drinkers, the directions are just below!


  • coffee filters (each filter makes two tea bags)
  • scissors
  • twine or thread
  • needle


  1. Cut the coffee filter down the middle
  2. Tie a couple of knots at the end of the twine
  3. Here you have the choice of either poking holes and then sewing or just going straight ahead with the sewing.  I found it easier to poke then sew, but again, this is totally up to you
  4. When you get near the top, start sewing around the top of the tea bag so that you’ll be able to pull it closed, kind of like a one sided drawstring.
  5. Fill with the loose leaf tea of your choice and brew the tea as you normally would!

Come back on tomorrow for a couple of fun recipes using our new tea bags!